Eurolog Network Logistics Services SRL

Since establishment in 2011, Eurolog Network offers complex logistics services, customized services, designed according to customer requirements, value-added generators, innovative solutions, each time trying to present services above customer’s expectations in a way that  we can be a part of to the success and long-term development of our partner. As a company in the “small and medium” category, we can offer flexible, reliable, oriented and developed services for the total support of the partners.

 We are serving 4 main strands:

  • the Baltic States-Scandinavia
  • Turkey-Middle East
  • the Western Balkans
  • Western Europe

Become our partner, together we can stand and grow in the medium and long term. At Eurolog Network you can find breakthrough and complex logistics services both as authorising and as a subcontractor.

Our areas of activity cover the following services:


      • We take care of all aspects of the project;
      • We organize oversized transports, heavy-duty, escort, authorizations, etc.;
      • Upon request, we provide additional cargo insurance;
      • We ensure obtaining access permits for routier traffic in areas with restrictions;
      • We organize transports of dangerous goods ADR Classes 1, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 8, 9;
      • Transit warehouse,storage
      • We offer customs and advising services;
      • We pay attention to the value of the transported goods.